Let's Have Fun!

Marina Children's Center is a play-based preschool located in San Francisco's Cow Hollow

Hours: M - F 8am-6pm

3219A Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA

Ph: 415-931-0833




The first years are the most important.

As young minds develop, they have an extraordinary capacity to learn. During these few years, it is extremely important to make sure your child is in an environment that is both challenging and rewarding.

We believe that each child needs a safe and nurturing environment in which to explore and experiment. The program is designed to foster learning at each child's own pace.

Through age appropriate activities, each child can master skills in the areas of communication, cognitive and physical development, and social interaction. By experiencing success in each of these areas, a child becomes more confident and self-reliant. These positive learning experiences at an early age contribute to the child's sense of self and emotional well-being.

Our program incorporates the developmental theories of Piaget, Montessori, Vygotsky, and Erickson, among others.

When children are presented with an opportunity to experience the world in an age appropriate and temperamentally appropriate setting, they will fulfill their inborn quest for learning.

With assistance and direction of knowledgeable and experienced teachers, young children can develop a strong sense of self through their accomplishments. The relationship built with teachers and peers enables children to develop a sound social foundation, which will enable them to be successful in their future endeavors.