Let's Have Fun!

Marina Children's Center is a play-based preschool located in San Francisco's Cow Hollow

Hours: M - F 8am-6pm

3219A Laguna Street
San Francisco, CA

Ph: 415-931-0833




Step #1
Before you begin the enrollment process, please make an appointment to come by and visit our facility. Prior to finalizing your childcare selection, we would encourage every parent to see the location and experience the environment in which your child will be spending their days.

Step #2
To enroll your child in Marina Children's Center, you need to submit an application along with a $50.00 nonrefundable application fee.

Click here for Application Form

Step #3
If there is no space available at the time an application is received, your child's name will be placed on the Waiting List.

If space is available, we will schedule a visit time. This visit is for Marina Children as well as your child to try out the "fit".

We recommend that a parent accompany the child for this visit. Having a parent present will eliminate any uncertainty of the unknown surroundings and support the child in being an active participant.

Every child is not the same, and our policy is to ensure that our program suits the needs of each child who enters.

During the visit, the staff will evaluate the needs of the individual child to determine if Marina Children's Center can support positive growth.

It is our goal to meet the needs of the individual child within a group setting. Therefore, the group dynamic is an important facet to the success of the program.

Step #4
When your child is accepted into Marina Children's Center, a start date will be established. The forms packet will be issued and the monthly tuition determined. All required forms and tuition must be received prior to your child's starting date.