Marina Children's Center
Center Evaluation Checklist
Curriculum Teachers
Does the program account for age differences? Are teachers experienced?
Are activities based on developmental theories? Do teachers have a background in early childhood development?
What is the staff to children ratio? Are teachers comfortable speaking to children at their level?
Can parents participate and become involved? Do teachers spend equal time with all children?
Does the program incorporate educational field trips? Are teachers attentive to all children during busy times?
Is there a sense of enjoyment shared among teachers and children? How do teachers address inappropriate behavior?
How are issues addressed? Are children greeted when they arrive?
Setting General
Do facilities meet current building standards? Is the program licensed?
Are all areas safe from hazards? What safeguards and policies are used to protect children?
Does the atmosphere seem energetic? Can other parents be contacted for references?
Are areas created for specific activities? Is there an activity list?
Is there enough learning materials and toys? Are surprise parent visits encouraged?
Does the size of furniture match the size of children? Will your child achieve a sense of accomplishment and be better prepared for future challenges?